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The most detailed recycling search tool in the UK, with a searchable database of over 9500 items and 30,000 recycling locations.


Unlike other search tools Recycleopedia can show products split down into their component parts for different bins.





  • Make recycling as simple as possible
  • Increase collection quality and reduce contamination
  • Hit government recycling targets
  • Save time & money on enquiries
  • Educate your residents.



How it Works


The recycling search tool helps your residents to work out what goes in each collection in the simplest way possible.


Users simply type the item they want to recycle into the search box embedded on your website. It then searches through our unique database of over 9000 products - broken down into component parts...

...and tells them which kerbside collection bin to put each part of

their item into. Even if it can’t be recycled at home, we’ll point them to their nearest local recycling location, charity shop or collection point.



Savings Stack up


5000 Recycleopedia searches per month could save 2,000 hours or £19,000 per annum

Based on 2 minutes spent per enquiry (telephone/email) and

a £19k per year salary


Nice Save! Last year Hammersmith and Fulham saved £500,000 by recycling. It costs £128 for us to dispose of a tonne of waste, compared to just £73 a tonne for recycling.

London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham



Users Say


"I’ve just been exploring your excellent Recycleopedia. We’re going to feature it in our Sustainable Village email newsletter. It’s a wonderfully useful and user-friendly resource, I was really pleased to find it."

Local Resident



Local Authorities Say


"We’ve had great feedback from our residents about Recycleopedia. We really believe that simplicity is key when it comes to recycling success, and Recycleopedia is all about making recycling as clear and simple as possible."

Andy Roberts




are not very confident that they put different waste in the right bins*



feel frustrated about

not having enough

education materials

on recycling*



of households add one or more items to recycling that isn’t recycled locally**



or 22,000 tonnes of collected general rubbish could have been recycled in West Sussex per year***



*Viridor UK Recycling Index 2017

**WRAP Tracker Survey 2019

***West Sussex Waste Partnership study 2019

A unique



Searchable item

terms - split into component parts




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