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The Search Tool


Powered by the Recycleopedia database - currently containing over 13,000 items and 30,000 recycling locations - the search tool relates a users postcode to show kerbside collection data for their local council collection scheme.


Search results show kerbside collections as the primary focus, showing which bin items and where their component parts go into, with simple to see kerbside bin icons.


Other local recycling locations, charity shops or collection points are shown via a map, with extra information such as bulky item collections or hazardous waste information show alongside related items.


The search tool can be added to any website with a simple piece of code.



TEST the live version below


Simply start typing the name of the item or product you want to recycle, along with HP18 9XF as the postcode (it will not work with other postcodes)


Shows search results with kerbside as the primary focus



Local recycling locations also shown via a map



Alternate information such as bulky item collection contact details

A unique



Searchable item

terms - split into component parts




Recycling Locations



Kerbside Schemes

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